Ideally located on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard in the safe, up-market, wind free suburb of Fresnaye. Here you are only 5 minutes from the V & A Waterfront, City Centre, CTICC, the famous Clifton & Camps Bay Beaches, Sea Point Promenade and the Table Mountain Cable Car. Many shops, restaurants, bistros and cafes are within walking distance of our lodge.
The setting is tranquil, cosy and secure with lavender and roses in abundance. A stylish ambiance with a warm, welcoming Mediterranean feel awaits you.
Cnr Ave Fresnaye & de Longueville, Fresnaye, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel & Fax – + 27 21 439 8328 Cell – 082 820 8889
E-mail – info@lavenderlodge.co.za


Look forward to a lavish buffet style breakfast served in the dining room or in the fountained lavender courtyard. Nip down to the V & A Waterfront or take a stroll along the Promenade and watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean. Spend the day on the Clifton or Camps Bay Beaches. Take the cable car up Table Mountian or the ferry to Robben Island. All this is only 5 minutes away….

The Bedrooms are all en suite with either patio or mountain view balcony. Tastefully decorated and luxurious with white cotton bed linen and towels, each room has a TV, fridge, tea tray facility, hairdryer, ceiling fan and wall heater. Bathrooms have heated towel rails.
Doubles: R350-R450 per person per night B&B
Single: R550 per night B&B
Phone or email info@lavenderlodge.co.za for more information or to make a reservation.

Lavender Lodge Guest House

Lavender Lodge Guest House, Fresnaye, Sea Point

Ideally located on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard in the safe, up-market, wind free suburb of Fresnaye. Here you are only 5 minutes from the V & A Waterfront, City Centre, CTICC, the FIFA 2010 World Cup stadium, the famous Clifton & Camps Bay beaches, Sea Point Promenade and the Table Mountain Cable Car. Many shops, restaurants, bistros and cafes are within walking distance of our lodge.

The setting is tranquil, cosy and secure with lavender and roses in abundance. A stylish ambiance with a warm, welcoming Mediterranean feel awaits you. Look forward to a lavish buffet style breakfast served in the dining room or in the fountained lavender courtyard.

Nip down to the V & A Waterfront or take a stroll along the Promenade and watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean. Spend the day on the Clifton or Camps Bay Beaches. Take the cable car up Table Mountain or the ferry to Robben Island. Attend your conference at the Cape Town International Conference Centre or watch your favourite sports event at the new Green Point stadium….

Directions and Location Map

How to get there:

From the airport take the N2 to Cape Town
Take the Strand Street off-ramp near city centre
Keep on Strand Street which becomes High Level Road
Turn right into Ave. Fresnaye at T-junction at end of High Level
THE LAVENDER LODGE is on right hand corner of the 2nd Street
Entrance is in Ave Fresnaye- park in front of entrance.

Find from David Azzato how to start a mobile business

Because it is a fast growing market, every businessman has to consider it at certain point. You cannot maintain your success if you do not bring your business online. David Azzato has a few recommendations for those who think of starting an online business. Here are some significant things that you should consider if you want to become successful and earn with your brand new idea.

Best advice for those who want to start a mobile business

Mobile businesses are blooming, whether you think of shops, services, selling products and everything in between. Even if you come up with a brilliant idea, you will soon discover than anyone is already making money out of it. Yet despite all these, you should invest in mobile business and put your idea into practice – all you have to do is be better than your competitors and offer to your clients exactly what they need, it is the key to your success, as David Azzato recommends us.

Those who want to stand out from the crowd have to come with something new. “You have to be creative or at least surround yourself with imaginative people”, told us David Azzato. A good start would be ensuring for your staff members an environment that stirs their imagination and allows them to be very productive. However, starting from zero would be a little too challenging. Why don’t you begin with something that you are familiar with? Assess your experience, interests and talents then decide which would be the best business idea for you.

Always check your competitors. Be a step forward and invest in things that will assist you to turn your idea into a successful business. Education is extremely important, so David Azzato instructs all businessmen to learn as much as possible about their future business. Do not leave any problems unsolved, go to courses and seminars and read any information you find regarding how to run a mobile business.

Keep track of your expenses once you have a name, a brand for your mobile business and the licensing necessary to run it. Though do not cut your expenditure when it comes to advertising – without a good promotion of your mobile business, you will never survive in this field. David Azzato is already a reputable businessman and he has the experience required to give such recommendations.

David Azzato achieved his success with his ideas

You might have in mind mobile marketing, location based services, mobile phone apps – David Azzato actually owns an online chess game – or mobile web design business. These business opportunities will make you rich if you will explore your idea properly. Some things that you should consider are investing in a separate mobile-specific site, providing fully responsive websites or dynamically served websites – in other words, websites that can detect the user’s device and screen or websites that can be seen by all users.

Make your business known with ads and appealing commercials if you want to gain the trust of your clients. As a last advice, David Azzato recommends to provide fast technology – for responsive websites that ensure the need for speed of your potential customers. Present a clear call-to-action on the mobile view and all mobile users will want to become your clients!

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Boost breast size naturally

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Improve your self-esteem with Brestrogen

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Cleanse your body naturally with Oxy-Powder

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Use Oxy-Powder to eliminate traveler’s constipation

oxypowder hotelPeople who travel a lot and even those who go on vacations disrupt their routine and regular diet and they can be affected by constipation, based on WebMD. Not following a healthy lifestyle, without a balanced diet and not having enough physical activity can lead, too, in digestive problems and constipation. Constipation can be accompanied by cramps, painful bowel movements and bleeding, so you have to make sure you have a proper nutrition even when you are on vacation.

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What is a treehouse?

The other day I still consult with the family about how and where to make our vacation! So still searching and searching, I found some wonderful special treehouse for various activities on the website cooltreehouseplans.com. I saw from the smallest house to house in its own right. Homes for children, play houses, houses for us adults … .it was so hard to choose.From the start I will tell you that when I made ​​the reservation to stay in treehouse I had in mind a romantic getaway for two, not a life there. But reserving the house last October, I had no way of knowing how it will be. And luck was on our side. So our romantic weekend in treehouse turned into a very successful, with peace and love!


However, we were all talking and discussing, and we concluded that we take a house no more than 60 square meters for this year’s holiday special. The house was all built of wood, smart windows and alternative energy. It’s a unique accommodation, a few meters from the ground and a few dozen kilometers from the city. As its name says, is a house built in a tree. In fact, it is built in three trees that we could give the players new account studying it carefully. And if we go by the fact that in October, when I made ​​the reservation, the first free weekend I just had in April, seems to be in high demand. When you see on the outside if you can not to go. You impression that is home to children. It sounds improvised in the woods. But when they step into, if you wake up in a dream. Animal skins on the walls, tree trunks, fireplace, jacuzzi with views towards the mountain tops and candles everywhere. The Pavement place for romantics, I say!


After I spent a few days there I can tell you that everything is thought out reconsidered until perfect. It was the perfect vacation, the ideal location for us.
Furnished in a style very minimum, compensated for any of our needs. The bathroom even had a small jacuzzi.
In the court below the house (if you can call it this way from forest), there is a lake where you could fish a few catfish enough, a landscaped playground for kids and some swings! This is life.
I’ve seen other houses, all built as beautiful, strong and for the future. Even I could move the whole family there. Now I wonder, if it would be better to choose the place for a vacation home, or a treehouse in which to live permanently. It sounds so tempting!
Forest air, cool morning, birds singing and murmur, all these delighted us from the first visit there. Now we think seriously about our future treehouse! Let’s see what we choose for a living treehouse!

Source: homegardenair.com

Get rid of warts in the comfort of your home

Travelling to South Africa and visiting Cape Town offer numerous satisfactions to tourists who choose this wonderful destination. Having a good climate and plenty of tourist attractions, Cape Town is surrounded by fantastic mountains and astonishing beaches that amaze all tourists.
But going at the beach with warts on skin could be a little unpleasant and it could draw unnecessary attention. Here is all you have to know about warts and how you can get rid of them.
wartrolAccording to wikipedia, warts are small and rough growth on skin that appear due to Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They are contagious and they can occur on hands, feet, genitals, but even on other parts of the body, such as eyelids, neck, knees, wrists and face. They may disappear in only a few months, they could last up to a few years but they could also reoccur after a while.
There are more types of warts, depending on the area affected, the shape of warts and the type of HPV that caused it. There are actually about 130 types of HPV that cause common warts, plantar warts, androgenital warts, butcher’s warts and flat warts, but these viruses can also lead to Heck’s disease, genital dysplasia and even cancers.
Common warts are raised, they have a roughened surface and may affect any part of the body, but they mostly appear on hands. Flat warts are flattened and small, they have the color of flesh and they may appear in large numbers on the hands, neck, face, knees and wrists. Digitate or filiform warts look like fingers and they appear mostly on lips and eyelids, while mosaic warts appear on the hands or even on the soles of feet. Genital warts or venereal warts occurs on the genitalia, periungual warts affect the area around the nails and plantar warts are hard and even aching lumps, usually with numerous black dots in the center and they occur on the soles of the feet.
If you travel to Cape Town and you want to get rid of your warts in order to look beautiful at the beach, you can safely remove warts in a painless manner by clicking on wartroluk.org.uk. This highly effective product makes use of the same ingredients used by dermatologists and physicians to eliminate warts in their medical offices. But you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to remove warts in a medical office. Use Wartrol as instructed and achieve a fast, effective and safe relief from warts.
Keep in mind that warts could spread even on your body, not just to anyone else’s. Remove your warts before spreading to other parts of your body and choose to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining holiday in Cape Town without being embarrassed by the unsightly warts.
Cape Town offers a lot of attractions and entertaining ways that you should enjoy at maximum. Get rid of warts in the comfort of your home and have a great time at the beach in Cape Town!

The magic of penis extender device

In a world where most people are convinced that more and higher is the better thing, especially when it comes to houses, cars, salaries and holidays, you ask yourself if this is true in all areas. When it comes to penis size, that men consider directly proportional to the ability to give pleasure to a woman, the real drama or depression may occur. Although women often joke about body size with the opposite sex boast the most, it would be good to know that a very large penis does not necessarily produce pleasure, often on the contrary, that penetration can be painful and require a greater degree of lubrication.

On the other side, libido products like Vimax, can really help! But Vimax doesn’t stop here when it comes to delivering great enhancement products. But let’s see how this could roll out for you.

vimax extenderAccording to studies conducted in the field, the average size of an erect penis is fully functional 14 cm. (not 18 or 20 cm., as some might think or some). In addition, a penis only has 10-11 cm. It is perfectly capable of delivering multiple orgasms if its owner knows how to use it at full capacity and hasn’t gone through sexual problems.

When it comes to sex, men are competitive in nature, they want to achieve performance worthy of the record books. When “their favorite toy” size does not really worthy of praise and admiration, they become frustrated, believing that not enough men and women will see this as a handicap.
The truth is that size matters more for them than for them, because a woman can be satisfied by many “maneuvers” were not necessarily related to the size of the penetrating body, but rather with how to use it.

If man can be satisfied only at the physical level, she is involved in a lot and mentally. She is aware that there has to be physical attraction between her and partner sex, but you have to admire other qualities to I felt fully satisfied. If we consider smart or if he feels he can rely on in other ways, she resonates much better with a partner that gets in bed.

In addition, a satisfying sexual relationship requires that the two parties to know enough to know what she produces each really enjoy each other, which are sensitive points and erogenous zones, and gestures him / her crazy. If you’re worried about your ability to satisfy a woman looking to learn as many ways to make them feel better. There are tricks, techniques and positions that you can bring ecstasy to the maximum of what you have. An average sized penis, used “talent” is a thousand times more “good man’s house” than a big one, but whose owner believes that sexual intercourse penetration consists only in itself!

You can always use the extender from http://www.vimax.org/vimax-extender.html as a unique product, endorsed by doctors and proven to be a penis enlargement method. With Vimax Extender, you can add up to 6 inches in length, and that in just six months. Most importantly, it is safe and has no side effects. Self esteem, higher performance in bed will be just some of the benefits of the Vimax Extender.

Magic potion against ageing

Over the years the standards changed and nowadays most people think that appearance is very important. Well, what do we understand when we say appearance? When we say “appearance” we think about our look. We must always look good, clean and well dressed up so people will have a nice opinion about us. People usually tend to judge others by their appearance so we must be very careful about our looks if we want them to have a good opinion about us. We must understand an essential thing if we want to look good: not only the clothes matter. There are many things that we must do in order to look good. One of them is taking care of our body. But, there is a little problem: the ageing. As we age our body starts getting weaker and weaker, wrinkles appear on our skin and our hair starts turning gray and in the end it starts even falling. The sad part is that we can’t control this. Every living organism on this planet has a lifetime. We cannot control our lifetimes. We are born, we age and, sometime, we will die. We can’t control this biological cycle. But, some scientists discovered a way to diminish the ageing effect.

sytropinThe only thing that is guilty for our ageing is the Human Growth Hormone. We are born with it and this hormone helps our body to grow. If our bodies wouldn’t have Human Growth Hormone in them, we would probably always be little babies that can’t walk or talk. But, after 30 – 40 years of our lives the Human Growth Hormone’s levels from our bodies start decreasing fast and this is why we age. This is the reason why our bodies become weaker and weaker, why wrinkles appear on our skin, why immune system is also weaker and why we get sick more often. But, don’t worry. After this discovery, on the market, appeared many supplements that contain Human Growth Hormone. But we must be very careful about them because not all of them are good for our bodies. Not all of them are natural and our body might fight against them and we can get sick, look worse or even die because of them.

This was a really big issue, but, after years of researches and work Sytropin was created.

Sytropin is the only 100% natural Human Growth Hormone based supplement found on the market these days. It contains many other ingredients besides the Human Growth Hormone that boost our bodies and make them stronger and healthier. It has been shown that Sytropin also doesn’t give you ANY bad side – effects. When they created Sytropin they mixed the Human Growth Hormone with other ingredients so it will be more easily absorbed and assimilated by our bodies. This is the key of never ageing! It is the best anti – ageing product on the market and many people used and recommended it. They also have a 180 day guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason you can return it and get all your money back. But trust me, you will like it!

Naturist treatment against hair loss

Our looks represent one of the most frequent problems nowadays. People often use to judge you by the way you look, so if you want to leave a good impression, first of all, you must look good. In this situation your hair represents a very delicate detail. We must take care of our hair; it has to be cleaned in order to look good… We dress up expensive for nothing if our hair is messed up.

provillusPeople usually tend to superficially take care of their hair and they believe that a simple hair wash is enough. We all have different kinds of hair which needs different treatments and hair loss might appear especially because of inappropriate care. To blame are the shampoo, the balm, a skin disease, what we eat but hair loss must not be passed by. Of course, we shouldn’t make confusions between daily hair loss and balding; it is absolutely normal that approximately one hundred threads of hair fall every day in order of keeping a constant volume.

Hair loss can yet be stopped, but in order to do that we have to understand WHY our hair is falling.

Well… Over the years it has been discovered that a big percentage of men looses their hair because their organism produces too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a male hormone, very important in your youth but it slows the hair follicles’ growth by cutting their feeding with blood. Because of this the hair’s threads become more and more thin, and in the end they start falling.

At women, the hair loss might be caused by hormonal disorder. If the woman’s thyroid is hyperactive or hypoactive it is possible that the hair threads might get thinner and start falling. Treating the thyroid should stop the hair loss.

I discovered from different sources (internet and other people’s advice) about the existence of a very efficient remedy against hair loss. This remedy is , of course, a drug. It is named Provillus and it is a pill that must be swallowed. This pill treats the problems mentioned earlier. As I said, because women are facing different problems than men, the medication is different too. Provillus is not an unisex remedy, keeping in mind that it is adjusting the male or female hormones. This is the reason for which Provillus is found in two different formulas: Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women, each of them treating the problems concerned.

No one can guarantee that a remedy would surely work but if it worked on many people why not try? You know… Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Anyways, when my hair started to fall I realized that I don’t want to be bald at the age of 40 and I took the necessary measures by accessing the website www.provillus.org. Provillus worked on me very well so I don’t need to complain about it.

So… as I said in the beginning of this topic, as time went on, the importance given to your appearance raised considerably. Nowadays we can talk about “the perfect body” or “the most beautiful woman in the world”, but in order of gaining such titles you must fulfill some standards and you need certain special treatments for your skin, nails, hair, etc. One of the most important “components” which define the beauty is represented by the hair! So, I have one last advice for you: Take care of your hair!!